The Prays of the Victims have been heard and God is at work


A Prayer for My Community

(Written by a victim who is now a victor)

Dear Father in Heaven,

This morning my heart is heavy as I think about the atrocities of the past and present in my hometown of Belleville.
I can't imagine how You must feel, Jesus.  I can't imagine the pain and the aguish You must experience as You see the many, many little girls and boys being sexually victimized in the most horrible ways.  I can't imagine how much it angers You when the people who do these things are those who look good on the outside and claim to be Your children.  I can't imagine how You must feel when people who claim Your name turn their backs on such sin and crime, and refuse to bring such sin to the Light.
O Jesus, sometimes I wonder: How can You let it go on?  How long, O Lord?

But then I remember that You are merciful to all.  You desperately want those perpetrators to come to the end of themselves and fall at Your feet in true repentance for their sin.  I forget sometimes that You are Sovereign.  That You are Merciful.  That You are in control of it all.  And that someday, it will be made right.

O Father, I pray for the victims.  The innumerable little girls and boys.  The teenagers who are being sold for sex.  May you send the right people to guide them to You.  May they know Your love.  May they realize how much You care about them.  May they find healing and rest in You.  May they find protection from the enemy of their souls.  May they make that hard decision to take responsibility for their response to the abuse.  May they forgive and not become bitter.  I pray that You would raise them up and that someday their pain would be used to help other little boys and girls.

I pray for the parents and church leaders of the victims.  I pray that You would raise up people who would realize the implications of abuse and how it destroys a person.  I pray that You would give them wisdom in relating to these broken children and youth.  I pray that if they have been abused themselves and have fought help, that they would be willing to work through their own pain. I pray that You would break the chains of generational sexual abuse in my hometown and the surrounding communities.  I pray that there could be freedom and healing and that it would come only from You.

And lastly, Jesus, I pray for the perpetrators.  I pray that they would come to the end of themselves.  I pray that it would happen in this life and not in the next.  I pray for their souls.  I pray that you would have mercy on them.  I pray that their evil deeds would be exposed NOW and not at the judgement day.  O Jesus, have mercy, please.  They need You just as I need You.  O God, please send the right people their way to take them by the hand and lead them to you.  I pray for repentance and restoration for them.  I pray for a godly sorrow that would lead to repentance.

I know You care, Jesus. And I thank you so much that You are working behind the scenes.  Thank you Father.

The SIIU Core Team believes God is moving to locate and heal the abused and give them a voice
We also believe God is at work to bring down the perpetrators and remove those who knew but did nothing!
Join in and pray, download this prayer and pass it along and post it everywhere….God is moving for sure Psalm 34